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A Flight to Nowhere Synopsis

A Flight to Nowhere
Miami storm chaser Felix Robles never imagined that hurricane tracking would mark him for murder. Sexy and ambitious TV 
news anchor Terry Toledo was just looking for a scoop. But when they stumble upon a half-century old plane wreck dumped by a hurricane onto a deserted Bahamian islet, they become the unknowing targets of a Raúl Castro death squad.

What begins as a chance at romance and adventure soon turns into a race against time to save their lives. But in order to find out who’s after them and why, they must first figure out the identity of the plane, and its ill-fated passenger. Still, by the time they uncover the truth it may be too late. Raúl will stop at nothing to recover the bullet-riddled plane’s rudder that reveals a secret that threatens to topple his regime. And when his operatives kidnap Felix’s parents and spirit them back to Cuba, Felix and Terry must risk all in the attempt to get them out alive.

A Flight to Nowhere takes the reader on a roller-coaster thrill ride through some of Florida’s sexiest and craziest spots, through a deserted Bahamian island, into the power corridors of Havana, on a flash tour of Grand Cayman Island, and into an off-shore tourist playground for foreign millionaires set up by the Cuban government. And, of course, you won’t want to miss the novel’s explosive conclusion.