Flight to Nowhere
mi storm chaser Felix Robles never imagined that hurricane tracking would mark him for murder. Sexy and ambitious TV 
news anchor Terry Toledo was just looking for a scoop. But when they stumble upon a half-century old plane wreck dumped by a hurricane onto a deserted Bahamian islet, they become the unknowing targets of a Raúl Castro death squad.

What begins as a chance at romance and adventure soon turns into a race against time to save their lives. But in order to find out who’s after them and why, they must first figure out the identity of the plane, and its ill-fated passenger. Still, by the time they uncover the truth it may be too late. Raúl will stop at nothing to recover the bullet-riddled plane’s rudder that reveals a secret that threatens to topple his regime. And when his operatives kidnap Felix’s parents and spirit them back to Cuba, Felix and Terry must risk all in the attempt to get them out alive.

 Flight to Nowhere takes the reader on a roller-coaster thrill ride through some of Florida’s sexiest and craziest spots, through a deserted Bahamian island, into the power corridors of Havana, on a flash tour of Grand Cayman Island, and into an off-shore tourist playground for foreign millionaires set up by the Cuban government. And, of course, you won’t want to miss the novel’s explosive conclusion.

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Wild Ride on a Seesaw

Lindy’s an entrepreneur with a clever business plan.Illegal, too, since his business is cocaine smuggling. The stroke of genius element of it – his 1% inspiration – consists of securing the help of the shrimp fishermen of St. Mary’s Parish, Louisiana, to keep the area’s law enforcement agencies off his back while he brings in half-a-ton of Colombian coke into the country. Ordinarily, most shrimpers would be uncooperative, but in this instance, they need only a small amount of encouragement to pitch in. Without charging Lindy one penny.

It is the summer of 1992, and St. Mary’s Parish is reeling with the arrival of several thousand Vietnamese refugees. Most of the newcomers are engaging in the one thing they did back in their homeland: shrimping. This has not made them popular with the Cajun fishermen who have trawled the same Gulf of Mexico waters for many years and now find themselves having to share the catch with the new arrivals. Reports of disputes, near-collisions between boats and even gunshots fired across ethnic lines, keep piling up on top of the desk of Sheriff Gaston Picard, who’s determined to keep the peace and protect all residents under his charge.

        Meanwhile, like the equal opportunity troublemaker he is, Lindy adds fuel to the fire by cutting nets, sabotaging engines and taking pot shots at the trawlers indiscriminately. The fishermen, Cajun and Vietnamese alike, blame each other for the constant mischief.

But there is one contingency his plan doesn’t account for: Eight-year olds Cajun Sue and Viet Soo who, with the help of Chitimacha Indian warrior Hummingbird, teach their community a lesson in brotherhood. But when the girls are kidnapped by Lindy’s men while Hurricane Andrew barrels down on the community, it’s a lesson that could cost them their lives. Now it’s up to Picard, Hummingbird and the girls’ fathers to save them from certain death.



Dodging the Buzzsaw


Lindy is released from jail after serving his time for drug smuggling and is ready to face the new millennium as a reformed man. His girlfriend Tanya has forgiven him and waits for him in New Orleans.

But not everyone’s ready to let bygones be bygones. Mr. Buzzsaw, the loan shark who financed Lindy’s failed smuggling venture wants his million dollars back. With interest. Lindy manages to dodge Buzzsaw’s muscle on his way out of prison, but not for long. They end up taking him, Tanya, the old Chitimacha Indian warrior Hummingbird, and Sheriff Picard’s girlfriend Marguerite, hostage. Being a practical businessman, Buzzsaw makes Lindy an offer he can’t refuse: go to Colombia and put together another drug deal, or have everyone’s internal organs harvested and sold on the black market.

While Picard, now retired from his post at St. Mary’s Parish, along with Marguerite’s son Randy, travel to Miami in pursuit of the kidnappers, Lindy and Hummingbird must run the gauntlet of Colombian traffickers, FARC guerrillas and corrupt Cuban authorities to save their lives.

This sequel to Wild Ride on a Seesaw brings back some characters you can’t help but love, and introduces some new ones you’ll want to meet again . . . and again.