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Welcome to my virtual home. Please, make yourself comfortable and take a tour of the various pages.

Check out the About Blas page. It will tell you something about who I am and the road I took to get here.

Would you like to learn more about my novels? Check out the summaries under the Books heading. You can click on the pictures next to the text and get a good look at a hurricane-hunter plane, like the one Felix Robles and Terry Toledo ride in the novel Flight to Nowhere; or at a trawler moored on the Atchafalaya River in Morgan City, like the one the shrimp fishermen sail in the novel Wild Ride on a Seesaw; or at a swamp cabin on the Louisiana bayou country, like the one Chitimacha warrior Hummingbird occupies in the novel Dodging the Buzzsaw.

Would you like to read a chapter? Check out the Downloads section, where you can view and download excerpts from the novels.

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Do you have any questions about any of my novels, about the writer’s life and craft, or any other thing that catches your eye or tickles your fancy while reading any of the novels? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section. The answer may be waiting for you right there. But, even if you don’t find the answer, do not fret, just mosey on over to the Contact Me section and drop me a note asking what you’d like to know. I’ll make every effort to answer your question. It may even find its way to the Frequently Asked Questions section, with your name attached.

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So, please, enjoy the site and come back often. Mi casa es su casa.